Are Eyelash Extensions Right for You?

1. Do you have Healthy Eyes?
2. You don't have allergies/sensitivities to acrylates or cyannoacrylate adhesives?
3. Are you comfortable lying down for a couple hours with your eyes closed?

During the first 48 hours after your eyelash extension application, will you be able to AVOID:

Exposing your eyelash extensions to water, heat, sauna, steam and friction?
Applying eye cosmetics or skin care products to your eyelashes or your eyelids?
Receiving irritating eye area treatments, such as chemical peels, skin resurfacing procedures, eyebrow waxing, lasers, etc.?
Sleeping on your side or stomach (Sleep on back instead)?

If you said YES to all of the above, you are an ideal candidate for Eyelash Extensions.  Schedule your appointment today!

Flirty Girl Lashes

If you did not say yes to one or more of the items listed above, consult with your Lash Stylist for further information to ensure beautiful, long-lasting results and a comfortable and relaxing experience.

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